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The Awakening

I'm sitting alone, at my computer desk, knees tucked under the keyboard uncomfortably. It's been a long time since I've looked to this journal. Now I feel that I'm going to get back to updating it. It's almost Thanksgiving. Isn't it funny how some holidays bring back a flow of memories, both good and bad? If any of you have lost track, I'm a senior now. Looking back on all my years I feel accomplished at best that I've made it this far, sometimes I honestly wondered. I've applied to college and I waiting to hear if I have been accepted.
This year's musical was "Guys and Dolls". I played the straight-laced Miss Sarah Brown, and I had a blast. It's amazing the things a person can do when there are no strings attached. Musical is something I've devoted four years of my life to. It was amazing to see people cry that I was leaving, knowing that I would be missed in the department that has a great deal of my friends and family. I really don't know what it's going to be like. Spending my last days of summer, and finally realizing that I won't be going back to the High School I am finally comfortable with, seeing those familar faces. It's a really sad thing to think about.
I've changed a lot this year, in ways I like and don't like. I stopped caring about what people thought, and I became my own person. It's gained me the respect that I seemed to conform myself to other's liking to get. It's funny how that works out. I've made so many new friends this year through the different things that I have been doing. Looking back, I wish I had figured out some of the things I know now earlier.
I'm still on-line and am chatty as ever. I'm not into Sailor Moon so much, although I sweep in and out of the place. I'm mainly in the HP domain, playing Hermione Granger, a character after my own heart. Tomorrow I'm helping cook an afternoon meal at my church for people in need, before going to my own family meal, my sisters coming home. I'm excited about it all. I hope to make some trips later to see some friends out of state as well.
Other than that showchoir competition season is soon, and I'm editor of my school paper, so I've been kept quite busy as of late with that. December 11th I'm taking the ACT so wish me luck all, and Happy Thanksgiving to each of you. I'll be updating this more frequently now.
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