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A Day of Song and Work

I'm watching my Spring break slip through my fingers like sand. It's terribly depressing. Usually I enjoy the transition back to school, friends, and structure in my day; however, I've begun to see the error of such rash thinking. I spent most of my day on a nice bus with several other students all rallied and raring to go to the big contest. Districts is always fun, though at a different location this year it was rather dissapointing. I feel rather blessed with the judge I had compared to others. I can recall hearing nightmares from others. A judge stopped a girl in the middle of her song and told she and her accompianist that they should have gotten it together before they came there and dismissed her. Technically the judge is not even supposed to talk to those they are judging.
A'Cappella 1
Chamber Choir 1
Women's Choir 1
Ensemble 2+
Trio 1
Solo 1

I'm a pretty happy camper, but all the same I wish my ensemble had made a one. I'm sure we were very close and I know everyone worked very hard on those pieces. It's a great experience and I learn something every year from it. The bus ride back was met with both smiles of triumph and tears of defeat, different for every person. I guess it must be exilerating to be a judge. Almost holding a person's fate for state in his or her hands. I don't think I could ever do that.

I sat with my best friend. She's been busy with conferences and other things. It was great just to sit back, letting her play with my hair and talk. She french braided it and my hair still today is in the same style. We sat nestled together reading the Detail magazine. Oddly enough it had a story on female rapists. It was a really interesting read, taking things from a different viewpoint. We read it quietly outloud, having our director sitting directly infront of us. We made plans to see a movie sometime and next thing I knew I was back in Hannibal very tired. I quickly went to bed without thinking of anything else mainly.

Even with the few hours of sleep I had had, my mother had no regrets waking me up at 6:00 this morning. Ever since then I have been out in the yard doing choirs. I didn't even get the chance to make the track meet I wanted to see. It wasn't all bad though. Then I got online and talked with Kim, Dale, Daniel, Rob, and a few others. It's funny how things haven't changed there. All the same faces and all different stories. Though I'm going to cut this very short because I am getting a headache.....a lot is on my mind. Also, there was a big spider in here.... I got a bottle of stuff to get rid of it and when I came back it wasn't around. I know it's somewhere in this room and I really don't want to find out... So night I will post more later!
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