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neoouhiserenity's Journal

17 September
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Hi, I'm 16 basicaly and a very busy person. I last year was a goodwill ambassador to my state and now I still have delicate duties around the country. I am in many activites and sports like cross country, basketball, volleyball, swimming, track, voice, and piano. I love shopping and meeting new people so feel free to leave comments on my journal and thanks bunches for reading
I'm going to post pictures soon if you want to see what I look like, but just for the discription I'm semi tall, skinny, i have medium light brown hair, light green eyes. I love being with all my crazy friends ic and irl. I love you all!! As you can tell i'm a pretty talkative and jumpy person, it's great please check out my l.j. and post comments anytime!!! If you wanna know something about me don't be shy just ask, ha maybe I'll answer!

~*~ Katie ~*~