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The Awakening   
03:18pm 24/11/2004
mood: contemplative
I'm sitting alone, at my computer desk, knees tucked under the keyboard uncomfortably. It's been a long time since I've looked to this journal. Now I feel that I'm going to get back to updating it. It's almost Thanksgiving. Isn't it funny how some holidays bring back a flow of memories, both good and bad? If any of you have lost track, I'm a senior now. Looking back on all my years I feel accomplished at best that I've made it this far, sometimes I honestly wondered. I've applied to college and I waiting to hear if I have been accepted.
This year's musical was "Guys and Dolls". I played the straight-laced Miss Sarah Brown, and I had a blast. It's amazing the things a person can do when there are no strings attached. Musical is something I've devoted four years of my life to. It was amazing to see people cry that I was leaving, knowing that I would be missed in the department that has a great deal of my friends and family. I really don't know what it's going to be like. Spending my last days of summer, and finally realizing that I won't be going back to the High School I am finally comfortable with, seeing those familar faces. It's a really sad thing to think about.
I've changed a lot this year, in ways I like and don't like. I stopped caring about what people thought, and I became my own person. It's gained me the respect that I seemed to conform myself to other's liking to get. It's funny how that works out. I've made so many new friends this year through the different things that I have been doing. Looking back, I wish I had figured out some of the things I know now earlier.
I'm still on-line and am chatty as ever. I'm not into Sailor Moon so much, although I sweep in and out of the place. I'm mainly in the HP domain, playing Hermione Granger, a character after my own heart. Tomorrow I'm helping cook an afternoon meal at my church for people in need, before going to my own family meal, my sisters coming home. I'm excited about it all. I hope to make some trips later to see some friends out of state as well.
Other than that showchoir competition season is soon, and I'm editor of my school paper, so I've been kept quite busy as of late with that. December 11th I'm taking the ACT so wish me luck all, and Happy Thanksgiving to each of you. I'll be updating this more frequently now.

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A Day of Song and Work   
11:05pm 03/04/2004
mood: accomplished
I'm watching my Spring break slip through my fingers like sand. It's terribly depressing. Usually I enjoy the transition back to school, friends, and structure in my day; however, I've begun to see the error of such rash thinking. I spent most of my day on a nice bus with several other students all rallied and raring to go to the big contest. Districts is always fun, though at a different location this year it was rather dissapointing. I feel rather blessed with the judge I had compared to others. I can recall hearing nightmares from others. A judge stopped a girl in the middle of her song and told she and her accompianist that they should have gotten it together before they came there and dismissed her. Technically the judge is not even supposed to talk to those they are judging.
A'Cappella 1
Chamber Choir 1
Women's Choir 1
Ensemble 2+
Trio 1
Solo 1

I'm a pretty happy camper, but all the same I wish my ensemble had made a one. I'm sure we were very close and I know everyone worked very hard on those pieces. It's a great experience and I learn something every year from it. The bus ride back was met with both smiles of triumph and tears of defeat, different for every person. I guess it must be exilerating to be a judge. Almost holding a person's fate for state in his or her hands. I don't think I could ever do that.

I sat with my best friend. She's been busy with conferences and other things. It was great just to sit back, letting her play with my hair and talk. She french braided it and my hair still today is in the same style. We sat nestled together reading the Detail magazine. Oddly enough it had a story on female rapists. It was a really interesting read, taking things from a different viewpoint. We read it quietly outloud, having our director sitting directly infront of us. We made plans to see a movie sometime and next thing I knew I was back in Hannibal very tired. I quickly went to bed without thinking of anything else mainly.

Even with the few hours of sleep I had had, my mother had no regrets waking me up at 6:00 this morning. Ever since then I have been out in the yard doing choirs. I didn't even get the chance to make the track meet I wanted to see. It wasn't all bad though. Then I got online and talked with Kim, Dale, Daniel, Rob, and a few others. It's funny how things haven't changed there. All the same faces and all different stories. Though I'm going to cut this very short because I am getting a headache.....a lot is on my mind. Also, there was a big spider in here.... I got a bottle of stuff to get rid of it and when I came back it wasn't around. I know it's somewhere in this room and I really don't want to find out... So night I will post more later!

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Starting Over   
12:30am 01/04/2004
mood: contemplative
I've been looking through all my posts in my live journal and as you could probably tell I've deleted them all. I've grown up a lot since I started this thing. I always laugh about the deep intellectual points I would love to tantalize the internet community with, but when it comes time to sit down and type them my wisdom goes out the window. So much has happened this year. I've gone through more struggles than happy moments. Life just seems to be one big bundle of surprises and I love it, even if now it isn't the best. I've stopped the serious role playing that I used to adore and I've settled down to keeping myself occupied with fixing my ideas into an intricatly woven plot-line for a book I'm trying desperately to write.

I've made and lost several friends. I've also found out several things about relationships in general, that to this day give me the shivers. I'm back to updating and I've choosen to take my head out of the clouds and bring each that want to into my life. Spring break as it is, this is a new start for me. A Spring Cleaning if you will.

I've been sick lately; luckily not as ill as prodigy. (I do hope you get better) It's amazing with school I know exactly the date and time, but during break I seem to slip away and wonder what day of the week it actually is before school comes back bounding me down to tightly-knit schedules.

Contest: Last week the large groups set up the competition leaving Hannibal with a very strong rating. All four choirs recieved 1's. If you aren't contest savy. Each choir must perform two contrasting pieces and the ratings are 1-7 one being the best of course. Friday I will be continueing that contest with the ensembles and solos that I am taking. Wish me luck!

School: Grades are coming out soon! Ha, I'm kindof worried. I let myself slack off too much this quarter and I know you are worried about me Harry dear. What a Hermione I am? I guess we all loose sight of things. I have stories to write for journalism and chapters to read for anatomy. Other than that I'm homework free. I'm just glad to be on break, my mind has been put to the test lately.

Night Activities: My day was just a lounging and potatoe bug day, sitting about and watching t.v. mainly. I went to the high schoo listened to some groups and hung out with Wilson whom is like a brother to me. We did the chit-chat thing and then I went back home. My parents wanted to eat out later that evening and I drove. I've taken so much medicine I was almost falling asleep at the wheel! I got back and parked the car. My mother said the phone was for me. I answered to a big group of voices on the phone. Some show-choir buddies aka Jay, Mackenzie, Amber, Wilson, and Chris wanted to watch a movie at my house. So with their invite I said yes. Now I'm here after the movie. I can't seem to sleep. It's a habit I'm hoping of breaking. Not much else to report, expect good posts at decent hours!

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